Will be coming back again

Thank you so much to everyone at ADS for my experience on Monday. I’ve been having an expensive nightmare trying to work out why my car keeps driving around like a kangaroo, tried all sorts and didn’t work so wait to main dealer, it was with Audi for a weekend and they misdiagnosed as an Egr problem which didn’t solve the problem. Brought here, given a cup of tea, directed to a sausage sandwich van which I got and then I waited. And basically you are the equivalent in the car-world as forensic scientists, Managing to find a 5mm split hidden behind a small metal ring in one of the million pipes in the engine. Rather than £900 plus VaT that Audi were charging for the wrong part I was charged £437 for the diagnosis and repair (this included the cost of the part that was £200 booster pipe that had to be purchased at Audi). Thanks again genuinely feel re-assured about owning used cars again knowing that there are people who know how to solve problems so effectively. Wish I had know about you all with past cars! Will be coming back again. Worth spending the money on a Proper diagnosis. Thank you. Sam

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